Woman who ate McDonald’s meal for daily ‘snack’ now unrecognisable after losing 13st


A woman who piled on the pounds as she ate a daily McDonald’s meal for a snack has undergone an incredible transformation after dropping a whopping 13 stone.

Every morning Kelly Ryder, 36, would visit her local drive-thru for a snack after breakfast and then on some days return for a pre-dinner box of chicken nuggets.

She ballooned to a massive 27st from the snaffling – which would sometimes see her buy a whole regular McDonald’s before heading home for a chippy large enough to feed a family of four.

And Kelly, from Andover, Hampshire, was so embarrassed about the secret habit that she would throw the wrappers away in a supermarket car park after surreptitiously eating in her car.

But after seeing a shocking photo of herself, she resolved to get back into shape.

Since giving up on the fast food and completing an impressive two half-marathons, Kelly has dropped 10 dress size to a size 12.

Recalling her bad habit, Kelly said: “Even aside from the McDonalds, portion sizes were my downfall.

“A box of cereal wouldn’t last a week because I’d have such a big bowl full.

“If I bought a multipack of cakes, I would eat all five and if I bought a meal that would feed four, I would eat the whole thing.”

Kelly said her weight used to make her self-conscious about even being seen in swimwear, but her strict regimen has given her the confidence to take on new challenges.

As well the half-marathons she’s done a few 10ks and plenty of parkruns – the first of which left her in complete pain and took an hour to complete.

She said: “I went to Malta on holiday and had an allergic reaction to sun cream so the pharmacist told me to stay covered up and I was really glad because it was an excuse to wear a top around the pool.

“I feel a lot more confident now. I feel like a different person.

“I didn’t actually know how big I was at the time because I avoided it. I had a lack of grip on reality in terms of how overweight I was.

“There was a turning point when my friend invited me to do a 5k parkrun and it took me over an hour, I was out of breath and I had to take my shoes off because I had a massive blister.”

Kelly initially didn’t believe fitness experts who told her she would rapidly shed weight if she followed their advice.

But she has now shared details of her diets before and after the lifestyle change and confirmed the move made a massive difference.

“Someone had taken a photo of me and I felt so rubbish. I couldn’t believe it was me,” she said.

“I joined a boot camp where they said if I calorie counted and followed their advice I’d lose a stone per month.

“I didn’t believe them but after the first month I’d lost over a stone.

“I’ve had a real lifestyle change.

“I’ve been overweight since secondary school. I was the kid who would fake notes to get out of PE and now I pay to do activities.”

Kelly’s diet before
Breakfast: Cereal and toast
Snack: Bacon sandwich or McDonald’s breakfast
Lunch: Sandwich, crisps, biscuits, cake
Snack: McDonald’s chicken nuggets
Dinner: Spaghetti carbonara with ice cream or cake for dessert
Drinks: Flavoured lattes, hot chocolate

Kelly’s diet after
Breakfast: Muesli with yoghurt
Lunch: Salad and fruit
Snack: Flump or fun size chocolate bar
Dinner: Homemade curry, chilli, risotto and yoghurt for dessert