Three dogs rescued after one of them accidentally turns on toaster causing fire


Firefighters had to rescue a trio of dogs from a house fire after one of them is thought to have accidentally set the kitchen alight.

The fire broke out at in a bungalow in Strood, Kent, on Friday night.

Two fire engines attended the scene shortly after 9.30pm and the trapped animals were rescued.

A spokesman for Kent Fire and Rescue Services said: “It is believed the fire was started accidentally when one of the dogs inadvertently turned on the toaster which caused an item on top of it to catch alight.”

Firefighters used water jets to put out the flames and then a high-pressure fan to rid the property of smoke.

The animals were not injured in the fire but the fire service has since issued a safety warning, Kent Online reports.

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The spokesman said: “Residents are reminded not to leave objects such as tea towels or chopping boards on top of cooking appliances and to ensure ovens are not used for storage.”

They added: “Also remember to keep pets and children well away from cooking areas.”